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Could your Website be Employee of the Month?

Only if your Knoxville business actually has a website.

For many businesses in and around Knoxville, TN, especially those just starting out, the cost of high-quality website design can be a deterring factor to pulling the trigger on hiring a design and development agency.


These days, competition is fierce no matter the industry you operate in. And with expenses rising in almost every category, every dollar needs to count. In fact, not only does every dollar spent need to perform, it ideally should run off and grab a few more of its friends before it makes its way back to your bank account.


And this is where a website really shines. A properly designed and optimized website is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT marketing and sales tool your business will ever acquire. And when done right, it will yield ROI for years to come.



High Performing Website Design Teams

As a business owner or entrepreneur in the great city of Knoxville, you fully understand the importance of establishing, developing and maintaining a high-performance workforce. In fact, it can be rightly said that any company is only worth the value of the people that work for it.


As such goal numero uno is often to seek out the best employees that fit your culture whilst also possessing the drive, passion, and knowhow to get the job done to a level of excellence you’d expect from yourself.


Good employees are no doubt one of your best assets, helping your business profit and grow, and you likely spend a substantial portion of your budget on finding, hiring and training this team.



But what about your website design?


Website – The High(er) Performing Team made of code

In many ways a high performing, well-designed website shares the same attributes as your high performing team of humans…


Strong and Consistent Work Ethic

Your website performs consistently with a 99.99% guarantee that it will be “available” for both you and your customers 24/7/365. Rain, snow or shine. And best of all, your website will never call out sick, take vacation time, or have a “bad day”.

Excellent Interpersonal / Communication Skills

Humans aren’t perfect. We make mistakes, misspeak, give wrong information, don’t have the right answers, etc. It happens…but not with your website.

Your website is the ultimate communicator, effectively connecting with customers and prospects alike, providing them with accurate information 100% of the time without fail. Best of all, it’s available where and when your customers need it, whether at home or on the go (mobile), your website is there to help.


Solid Business Fundamentals & Acumen

Employees are expected to understand an apply business fundamentals on the job and provide crucial insight into what works and what doesn’t, helping your Knoxville based company evolve, optimize and grow. Your website does the same.


Built with best practices and to industry standards, your Knoxville business website design will be highly tailored to the needs of your end customers. And best yet, through the implementation of analytics and other tools your website will become a key advisor to your company, helping you to uncover aspects like:


  • Where customers lose interest / drop off
  • What items or services your customers like best
  • What questions they typically have
  • How you can improve conversion rates
  • How you can better connect and engage with your customers
  • And so much more…


Your Website Is Your #1 Salesman 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run if you can’t close the deal and generate sales you are effectively dead in the water. But even the best salesmen (and women) in the world have slow months or “slumps” in sales that hurt your bottom line and make projecting growth and revenue a real pain.


Luckily for you, your website is different. Your website consistently delivers a powerful sales message to every prospect that it sees. It delivers the perfect pitch, full of features, benefits and value propositions, coupled with a sense of urgency and call to action.


The result? A consistent flood of sales at a predictable rate, month after month, year after year.


Your Website Is Your Best Performing Support Rep

In the “age of now”, customers and prospects alike want information FAST, and they want it now. And when they can’t find you to get it, they will find a competitor who does have it


Your website design provides both existing customers and new prospects with a 24/7/365 multi-channel support system where they can get information, ask questions and connect with your team.


Just a few examples include:

  • On-site chat
  • Chat messenger bots
  • Support ticket system
  • Email / contact forms
  • Knowledge Base and FAQs
  • And more…

A Website Is The Foundation on which All Marketing Efforts are Built

A website is the single most critical factor in your marketing plan. Your website is the virtual equivalent of a physical business, accessible 24/7 to the world’s 3 billion (estimated) internet users.

Think about it for a moment. What’s the first thing you do when seeking out information about a service or product? You head over to your computer, and in a few keystrokes, you’ve got yourself a boatload of results to look at.


In fact: “Over 74% of all purchase decisions start with a search engine search” (Forrester, 2017)


Seventy-four percent!!! What’s that mean for your business? Well, if you don’t have a website you’re missing out on around 74% of your market base. But worse than the lost sales is that those customers are buying from your competitors, thus strengthening their position in the market whilst simultaneously weakening yours.

Think it doesn’t matter because you run an “offline” brick and mortar type business? Think again…


According to Google: Over “75% of local searches resulted in an in-store visit within a week”


Closing Thoughts – get yourself a website already

We get it. A Website can be a significant upfront investment to do right. But they don’t have to break the bank, and unlike other marketing expenditures, your website is one that will yield dividends for years to come.


When done right your website can be worth as much as 10 or more full-time employees. Think about that for a moment…how much would ten full-time employees cost you a year? When put into perspective, a website likely yields greater ROI than any other single investment you can make in your business.


Not sure where or how to start your website design project?

No problem. Give us a call or drop us a line. We’d love to help you better understand how an expertly crafted and optimized site can grow and help your business succeed


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