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Cover Photo Size For Facebook Business Page

Want your Facebook Cover Photo to look good on both desktop & mobile?

With over more than one billion Facebook users accessing the site daily, more than half of those are from mobile devices, having a cover photo that looks great on both desktop and mobile for your business page is essential.

We will use the same image to create both. It is displayed in full on a desktop at 828 by 315 pixels. On the mobile devices, the light blue sides are cut and only the blue section you see with our logo in it is visible on mobile (560 by 315 pixels).

To help you along on your journey in creating the perfect Facebook cover photo for your business, we have created tow download links below. One is a simple PNG file. This is recommended instead of JPG format when uploading to Facebook to avoid image compression. In addition to that, you will also find a link to a simple 2 layer Photoshop PSD file for those who use Adobe Software.

If you do not have access to photoshop, a great free alternative is an image manipulation program named GIMP you can download here.

Social branding done right.

You should always ensure you have a uniform look & feel across all platforms for your brand and that is where we come in. We’ll design high-quality custom cover photos for each and every one of the major social media platforms.

You can rest assured knowing that no matter what social media website your customers and followers are on, they’ll instantly recognize your page and your brand.