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Could your Website be Employee of the Month? Fri, 11 May 2018 06:07:15 +0000

Could your Website be Employee of the Month?

Only if your Knoxville business actually has a website.

For many businesses in and around Knoxville, TN, especially those just starting out, the cost of high-quality website design can be a deterring factor to pulling the trigger on hiring a design and development agency.


These days, competition is fierce no matter the industry you operate in. And with expenses rising in almost every category, every dollar needs to count. In fact, not only does every dollar spent need to perform, it ideally should run off and grab a few more of its friends before it makes its way back to your bank account.


And this is where a website really shines. A properly designed and optimized website is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT marketing and sales tool your business will ever acquire. And when done right, it will yield ROI for years to come.



High Performing Website Design Teams

As a business owner or entrepreneur in the great city of Knoxville, you fully understand the importance of establishing, developing and maintaining a high-performance workforce. In fact, it can be rightly said that any company is only worth the value of the people that work for it.


As such goal numero uno is often to seek out the best employees that fit your culture whilst also possessing the drive, passion, and knowhow to get the job done to a level of excellence you’d expect from yourself.


Good employees are no doubt one of your best assets, helping your business profit and grow, and you likely spend a substantial portion of your budget on finding, hiring and training this team.



But what about your website design?


Website – The High(er) Performing Team made of code

In many ways a high performing, well-designed website shares the same attributes as your high performing team of humans…


Strong and Consistent Work Ethic

Your website performs consistently with a 99.99% guarantee that it will be “available” for both you and your customers 24/7/365. Rain, snow or shine. And best of all, your website will never call out sick, take vacation time, or have a “bad day”.

Excellent Interpersonal / Communication Skills

Humans aren’t perfect. We make mistakes, misspeak, give wrong information, don’t have the right answers, etc. It happens…but not with your website.

Your website is the ultimate communicator, effectively connecting with customers and prospects alike, providing them with accurate information 100% of the time without fail. Best of all, it’s available where and when your customers need it, whether at home or on the go (mobile), your website is there to help.


Solid Business Fundamentals & Acumen

Employees are expected to understand an apply business fundamentals on the job and provide crucial insight into what works and what doesn’t, helping your Knoxville based company evolve, optimize and grow. Your website does the same.


Built with best practices and to industry standards, your Knoxville business website design will be highly tailored to the needs of your end customers. And best yet, through the implementation of analytics and other tools your website will become a key advisor to your company, helping you to uncover aspects like:


  • Where customers lose interest / drop off
  • What items or services your customers like best
  • What questions they typically have
  • How you can improve conversion rates
  • How you can better connect and engage with your customers
  • And so much more…


Your Website Is Your #1 Salesman 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run if you can’t close the deal and generate sales you are effectively dead in the water. But even the best salesmen (and women) in the world have slow months or “slumps” in sales that hurt your bottom line and make projecting growth and revenue a real pain.


Luckily for you, your website is different. Your website consistently delivers a powerful sales message to every prospect that it sees. It delivers the perfect pitch, full of features, benefits and value propositions, coupled with a sense of urgency and call to action.


The result? A consistent flood of sales at a predictable rate, month after month, year after year.


Your Website Is Your Best Performing Support Rep

In the “age of now”, customers and prospects alike want information FAST, and they want it now. And when they can’t find you to get it, they will find a competitor who does have it


Your website design provides both existing customers and new prospects with a 24/7/365 multi-channel support system where they can get information, ask questions and connect with your team.


Just a few examples include:

  • On-site chat
  • Chat messenger bots
  • Support ticket system
  • Email / contact forms
  • Knowledge Base and FAQs
  • And more…

A Website Is The Foundation on which All Marketing Efforts are Built

A website is the single most critical factor in your marketing plan. Your website is the virtual equivalent of a physical business, accessible 24/7 to the world’s 3 billion (estimated) internet users.

Think about it for a moment. What’s the first thing you do when seeking out information about a service or product? You head over to your computer, and in a few keystrokes, you’ve got yourself a boatload of results to look at.


In fact: “Over 74% of all purchase decisions start with a search engine search” (Forrester, 2017)


Seventy-four percent!!! What’s that mean for your business? Well, if you don’t have a website you’re missing out on around 74% of your market base. But worse than the lost sales is that those customers are buying from your competitors, thus strengthening their position in the market whilst simultaneously weakening yours.

Think it doesn’t matter because you run an “offline” brick and mortar type business? Think again…


According to Google: Over “75% of local searches resulted in an in-store visit within a week”


Closing Thoughts – get yourself a website already

We get it. A Website can be a significant upfront investment to do right. But they don’t have to break the bank, and unlike other marketing expenditures, your website is one that will yield dividends for years to come.


When done right your website can be worth as much as 10 or more full-time employees. Think about that for a moment…how much would ten full-time employees cost you a year? When put into perspective, a website likely yields greater ROI than any other single investment you can make in your business.


Not sure where or how to start your website design project?

No problem. Give us a call or drop us a line. We’d love to help you better understand how an expertly crafted and optimized site can grow and help your business succeed


send us a message

Facebook cover photo size mobile and desktop Thu, 01 Mar 2018 20:10:15 +0000

Cover Photo Size For Facebook Business Page

Want your Facebook Cover Photo to look good on both desktop & mobile?

With over more than one billion Facebook users accessing the site daily, more than half of those are from mobile devices, having a cover photo that looks great on both desktop and mobile for your business page is essential.

We will use the same image to create both. It is displayed in full on a desktop at 828 by 315 pixels. On the mobile devices, the light blue sides are cut and only the blue section you see with our logo in it is visible on mobile (560 by 315 pixels).

To help you along on your journey in creating the perfect Facebook cover photo for your business, we have created tow download links below. One is a simple PNG file. This is recommended instead of JPG format when uploading to Facebook to avoid image compression. In addition to that, you will also find a link to a simple 2 layer Photoshop PSD file for those who use Adobe Software.

If you do not have access to photoshop, a great free alternative is an image manipulation program named GIMP you can download here.

Social branding done right.

You should always ensure you have a uniform look & feel across all platforms for your brand and that is where we come in. We’ll design high-quality custom cover photos for each and every one of the major social media platforms.

You can rest assured knowing that no matter what social media website your customers and followers are on, they’ll instantly recognize your page and your brand.




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How To Create A Google Review Link For Your Business Wed, 14 Feb 2018 21:28:55 +0000


Why Are Online Reviews Important For Your Business


  • 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more
  • 49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business
  • Responding to reviews is more important than ever, with 30% naming this as key when judging local businesses
  • 68% of consumers left a local business review when asked – with 74% having been asked for their feedback
  • 79% of consumers have read a fake review in the last year, but a worrying 84% can’t always spot them
  • Yelp & Facebook are local consumers’ most trusted review sites, followed by Google &
  • People are becoming less likely to visit businesses’ websites after reading positive reviews – a 17% drop from 2016
  • 32% of consumers read local reviews on mobile apps this year (a growth of 14% from 2016)
  • Consumers read an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business – up from 6 last year

Survey By Bright Local

In today online world of immediate access to information about your business, one of the most important factors is making sure your businesses online reputation is in good standing. Whether you are a restaurant, a contractor, or retail store, one thing is certain these days. Potential customers are going to find out a lot about you before they even think about doing business with you.

I always stress to my clients how important it is to my clients for them to persuade customers to leave a review on Google, So in this short tutorial I am going to show you how to create a direct link that you can send to your current customers via a follow up email or whatever process you choose to use with your clients.


The first thing you need to do is go here and get our Google PlaceID for our business location from google maps. After you have your ID, copy it and save it somewhere.



Now that we have our PlaceID, we need to create the link.

Using this URL—>

The text in red is the PlaceID. Now simply copy and paste the PlaceID you just got for your business in place of the current one in the link and that is it. You now have an easy way to send customers to a direct Google Review Pop-Up window.

Here is an example link showing you exactly how it works—>


What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

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Choosing a Knoxville Web Design Company Tue, 02 Jan 2018 08:35:13 +0000

Knoxville Web Design

Choosing a Knoxville Web Design Company

With a multitude of web designers and developers out there, from freelancers to agencies, to online templates, how do you know what the right fit is for your company, and more importantly, for your goals and objectives? Choosing a Knoxville web design company is not that serious of a job. But choosing the best Knoxville web design company is a real serious challenge. People say that the Internet has made business processes simple and global, but how about the complexities that Internet offers which are unique. Just Search for the term “Good Web Design Firm” on Google, and it comes up with millions of results. For any normal human being, it’s impossible to search for every result. We will go through the entire process of selecting a Knoxville Web Design and Development company in a structured way.

STEP 1 – Planning Your Knoxville Web Design Project

The first step involves defining your needs. While searching for the right web designer, it is important to have a clear idea what role your new Web site or a redesigned one will fill. Will it provide information to your customers? Will it serve the needs of your employees? Or will it include an online shopping section so that you can sell your products to visitors? Most Web designers will need to know the following:

  • The role of your new Website.
  • The intended market or audience of your Website.
  •  Your Website budget.

Take time to consider what you expect from your Web site and the type of information you want to communicate to your potential clients before you approach your designer. This will save you and the designer a considerable amount of time and effort.


STEP 2 – Searching and Creating a Primary list of Knoxville Web Design Companies

Searching is a vigorous process and does not require any special skill other than diligence to effectively come up with good results that fulfill your requirements. Just scan through directories, check Google listings on specific keyword searches and ask for referrals from your friends or business partners. It does not have to be a very extensive research work.

Referral: Ask business acquaintances, friends, and family which web design firm designed the website for their respective organizations, or if they can otherwise recommend a web design firm.

Websites: Determine the web design firm that is responsible for the websites of organizations that you admire. These organizations may be your competitors, or in related or unrelated industries. Sometimes the web design firm is included in the site credits or is listed elsewhere on the website. If you cannot find the credits on the site itself, feel free to contact the organization and ask which web design firm is responsible for the website. This can also be a good source for references for that web design firm.


STEP 3 – Evaluating and Shortlisting Potential Knoxville Web Design Firms

Once you have gathered a list of potential Knoxville web design firms you are ready to pare them down to a shortlist. This requires a bit of research work.

Portfolio – It’s about the three C’s – Credibility, Consistency, and Capability. How consistent are they? What are the parameters on which the company is capable enough to fulfill your requirement? Are there any testimonials that speak about their credibility? Do the projects in the portfolio have a consistent quality? Have they consistently given good results in the given time frame? Has the Web design company providing solutions to other companies in your industry? Have they dealt with similar challenges to those faced by your organization? These are some important factors to consider. When you’ve narrowed your search to a few design sources (through recommendations, web directories, or your competitors’ sites), evaluate their online portfolios and their rate structure. A website doesn’t have to be flashy or animated to do its job. Browse sites they have built, check ease of navigation, the organization of information, overall cleanliness and visitor-friendliness. Also, consider hiring a firm that demonstrates some familiarity with your type of business. Just go through the success stories/case studies that have been made available on their website and corroborate the credentials through references if possible.

It matters a lot if the Knoxville Web Design Company has experience in diverse business domains and has professionals and specialists from variegated backgrounds. As such they will have an understanding of different business verticals that may be an advantageous point for your website. Another important factor is budget. What you pay is what you get – WYPIWYG. Never compromise with the quality of your Knoxville Web Design just for saving few quick bucks. In the long run, you will end up on a losing side. Have you ever imagined why American diamonds cost less and than real diamonds when at times it’s difficult to differentiate between the two? It’s obvious – the brilliance and hardness of diamond. This makes another interesting point, you can get a cosmetic surgery done for your website for a lesser cost, but it will lack the functionalities and effectiveness. It can draw visitors but cannot turn them into business. So when you pay for something, you definitely get a good deal in return.

Technology – What is their technological competence? Does this match your requirements? How many projects have they worked on using the same? How frequently their technology is upgraded- both in terms of software and hardware?

Deadlines – Has the company carried out the projects in stipulated time? Time is one of the most important factors as the longer it takes, the higher the input costs get. Some companies may offer you a shorter time period and may be ready with the design. But after that starts the long and torrid journey of finding and fixing bugs which may turn your visitors off.

Responsiveness – How promptly the company responds to your queries? Does it listen to your queries? Are they responsive to my suggestions and questions? Do they explain issues in ways you can understand? Do they share your general vision for the site? Are they interested in Return on Investment for the website? Do they possess the skills necessary to achieve your goals?

Communication Process – Poor communication is one of the major bottlenecks for business processes. Ensure that the company with which you are working is comfortable with your language. Generally, English (US/UK) is taken as the preferred language to communicate with each other. What are the tools and technologies they use for communicating? How will they keep you updated with the developments with regards your project? These are some of the important factors that should be kept in mind while deciding about the communication process while choosing a Web Design partner.

Services – What are the other services does that company can offer other than designing? What kind of value-added products or services can the design firm offer?

All these points will help you to narrow down to the list of Knoxville Web Design Agencies that may offer you viable solutions and help your cause. The next step involves inviting proposals from the shortlisted parties. Just check through as many cross-references that you find justifiable or will satisfy your curiosity. The more time you will invest in this phase, the sweeter will be the returns afterward.


STEP 4- Web Design Proposals

Once you have selected your short-list of top web development firms, request that they send you a proposal. Ask that their proposal include an overview of your requirements and their proposed solution. This will help to determine which web design firm understands your requirements best. Also, ask that each Knoxville Web Design firm include a description of their development process and a price breakdown for the various aspects of the website project.

STEP 5 – Evaluating Web Design Proposals

Evaluate each proposal individually on the basis of merit. Take the following points into consideration:

  • Wellness of the proposal.
  • Respective strength and weaknesses of the companies.
  • Evaluate the presentation and format style.
  • STEP 6 – Selecting the Best Knoxville Web Design Company

After your organization has reviewed all proposals, compare them with each other. How do they fare in terms of presentation? How do their processes appear in terms of project management? Do they present scalability and/or upgrade paths for your project, which go beyond the needs of the immediate goals outlined?

After going through all the above processes, you should be able to zero in on to a particular web design company in Knoxville, TN. If the doubt persists, establish communication process between the likely companies to understand their process and commitments.

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Why Content Is Crucial for Your Website Mon, 01 Jan 2018 21:36:02 +0000

Why Content Is Crucial for Your Website

There’s one sure-fire way to success online. Make sure you have an abundance of content on your website. Without content there’s really no reason for anyone to visit your site. Here ís why content is crucial for your site.

Add Value To You Website

Your content is the single biggest value you offer prospects and visitors. Each time a new visitor comes to your site, they’re looking for one thing. They’re looking for information about the product you sale or the service you offer. Content is information, and Rank Brain AKA Google loves to learn.

Now, you don’t have to provide content in the form of articles or reports. You can provide audio content, youtube video content or even snippets of content like tips and quotes. There is a huge variety to the type of content your Knoxville web design can offer. Consider offering the type of content that your audience best responds to. Make the content fits your business goals and provides value to your visitors and prospects.

Drive Traffic To You Website

Content is what search engines look for when they are indexing your site. It’s how they know what your site is about. It’s also how many of your website visitors find you. They type into their search engine the keywords or the words that describe the information they are searching for. The search engine provides them with a list of website results. They click on one or many of these results and they end up on your website. None of this would happen without content.

Increase Online Sales and Profits

Regardless of your business model, content helps you make money. Content helps you establish credibility and authority with your visitors. This gives them confidence to buy from you. Content also helps you establish your brand. It helps prospects like you. Again, this is a buying trigger. People buy from people they like.

Content also helps persuade. When you present information that offers value, your visitors can make an informed decision. They can solve their problems based on the guidance and solutions you provide.

How Much Content Is Enough?

Honestly, as long as your content provides value and supports your goals and your visitors, you can never have too much. Create a plan to add content to your website on a regular basis. Stay in touch with trends, hot topics, your customersí needs and problems.

There is no hard-and-fast rule about how much content you have to have on your site. 500 words per page is the minimum recommended by many.

However, case studies have shown that long form content of 1200 words or more tends to rank better. Create your content plan to help you meet your goals. Each piece of content you publish should have a goal and a purpose, even if the purpose is simply to inform.

Create a plan that matches your visitors needs with your own budget, time and goals. If you want your website and business to succeed, make sure to include content as part of your long-term strategy.



Make sure your header tags are optimized throughout the page as well. H1, H2, H3, etc…. Always make sure the main keyword you want to rank for is in your H1 Tag specifically.

Knoxville Web Design | Knoxville SEO



    12 + 2 =

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    What Makes A Website Effective Sat, 30 Dec 2017 04:15:37 +0000

    Effective Knoxville Web Design


    What Features Does Your Web Design Really Need?

    Do you know what ís adding value to your web design and what ís overkill? Do you know what features and functions your audience responds to and what turns them off? Many Knoxville Web Designs go overboard. They utilize every bell and whistle available. The goal, presumably, is to provide a better user experience. Unfortunately, they end up accomplishing just the opposite.

    Professional Knoxville Web Design

    We Focus On What Matters!

    Every single feature in your web design needs to have a proven function and purpose. Sometimes that ís not so easy to identify. Generally, if it doesn’t help you achieve your goal then it ís best to get rid of it.

    * Most bells and whistles distract from your overall goal and purpose. For example, if you want a visitor to make a purchase then a flash graphic is generally nothing more than a distraction.

    * Most bells and whistles slow your down good web design. A fancy graphic or internal program slows down the upload time. If it takes too long for your site to upload then youíre going to lose potential visitors. Thatís certainly not good. If your website doesnít upload in a matter of seconds, ten or less, itís time to shrink files and eliminate heavy graphics.

    * Most bells and whistles don’t offer tangible value. Think about it for a moment; what value does a fancy website graphic add to your customerís experience? What value or benefit do they gain? If the answer is nothing, then get rid of it.

    An add-on feature or function is good when it adds value to your visitor’s experience. For example, a social networking feed can be superfluous on some websites. However, if it helps build your following and create a community it can be a good feature. Some bells and whistles make sense.

    So What Makes A Good Knoxville Web Design

    So how do you decide if a website feature is relevant? How do you know if you should keep it or eliminate it? Ask yourself the following questions:

    * Does it enhance your visitorís experience?
    * Does it help you achieve a business goal?
    * Does it slow down your website upload time?
    * Does it distract?

    If you’re unsure, consider testing and tracking the data. Install the feature and then review the data. Take a look at how long people remain on your landing page. If they spend less time on your page, then the new feature may be the reason.

    If possible, test the feature itself. Are people interacting with it? What do they do once they’ve interacted with it? If people are staying on your website longer with the new feature, what action are they taking? Are they buying more? Are they signing up for your opt-in list? Are they reading more content?

    Some bells and whistles offer value and support business growth. Know your audience, your goals and the purpose of each add-on feature. Pay attention to Google Analytics and the data made available there.


    Contact A Knoxville Web Design Expert Today



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      Website Design By Blue Collar Designs – Fortune Home Inc Thu, 07 Sep 2017 03:54:32 +0000

      So what is the first thing anyone looking for a website design in Knoxville, TN? Of course others you have built. Today I would like to start with an old friend of mine from High School and his businesses website. Brad Fortune is the owner of Fortune Homes Inc., one of the best home remodeling contractors in Knoxville, TN, I have ever seen.  I recently ran into Brad at one of my son’s basketball games and he began telling me how he had a website but it was awful and he was paying $125 a month for it, not a bad monthly payment right? Wrong! Like so many other companies out there such as yellow pages, Hibu, and just to name a few, Brad was paying for a Website that he would never own and SEO Services that this company claimed to be doing, however, after running a few reports and checking on his citations which are a big help and ranking factor for companies who need local SEO Services in Knoxville, TN, to no surprise of mine, nothing was being done. Long story short, Brad gave me the pleasure of getting out of this horrible ordeal that was costing him monthly and allowed me to build  Best of all, he would now own the site and only be left with paying for web hosting and his annual domain fee. Our goal and Blue Collar Design is to offer local business in and around Knoxville, TN, and affordable solution to help grow their business. Thanks for visiting us here at Blue Collar Designs and we hope that you will check out our future post where we will be giving you free goodies about how you can better position your business locally or nationally in the vast world of Digital Marketing.

      Don't miss a post! Join our news letter.

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      A Better ROI: SEO Vs. Traditional Advertising Tue, 13 Jun 2017 06:32:00 +0000


      Knoxville SEO Services For Small Businesses

      The goal of any marketing campaign is to get your product or service in front of your target audience and persuade them purchase it. Up to now there have been many ways to do that including marketing stalwarts TV and radio. These methods have proven themselves over time but the advent of the digital revolution has called them into question recently. Does it really pay to produce and air a 30 second TV or radio commercial anymore? The fact is the Internet and search engine optimization (SEO) has created an existential crisis in the world of traditional marketing. Let’s take a closer look at SEO and find out why that is.

       What is SEO?

      SEO is the process of raising the visibility of a website in a search engine’s non-paid results so that when someone searches for a product it’s your website that appears at or near the top of the page 1 results. Optimization typically involves producing content that is rich in keywords and updating said content on a regular basis. Other techniques involve creating backlinks or inbound links and the utilization of relevant images, videos and other types of content.

      Why is it SEO important?

      People use the Internet to find things. If you need proof of that consider that nearly 95% of all Internet activity begins with a web search. While that by itself tells you something about the importance of search engines what’s even more important is the fact that 75% of people who search for something will not browse past the first page of search results. People conduct 100 billion or so searches each month on the Internet and with 75 billion of those searches they never wander past the first page of search results. That is why SEO is important.

      SEO Pros

      Here are the top 5 benefits of opting for a Knoxville SEO campaign.

      •  Brand Awareness – Having your product appear at or near the top of search engine results will have an effect on your brand awareness that few other things can match.
      • Enhanced Company Image – First page results are generally perceived by searchers as reflecting higher quality, more trustworthy brands.
      • More Traffic – Since 75% of searchers never wander beyond the first page of search results it stands to reason that the websites on the first page receive the lion’s share of traffic.
      • ROI – The price of an effective SEO campaign is typically a fraction of what a TV and/or radio advertising campaign would cost. Lower cost means faster ROI.
      • Cost Effective – SEO is incredibly cost effective because of its inbound nature which targets those already searching for your type of product or service.

      In short a Knoxville SEO campaign that places your business at or near the top of search engine results can be transformative for your company. And you won’t have to take out a huge business loan to afford it.

      What About TV and Radio?

      There’s no doubt television advertising exposes your product or service to a wide audience. Here are 5 other pros of TV and radio advertising

      •  A Captive Audience – People tend to invest in TV in ways unique to the medium. They grab a snack, get comfortable and forget about other things.
      • Catchy Delivery – With a well produced TV ad the sky’s the limit as far as content. You can keep it simple or create entire worlds to pull the viewers in.
      • Ability to Target a Particular Audience – The proliferation of cable channels means there’s a channel for just about every demographic which makes targeting your audience easier.
      • No “Loading” Worries – With a TV or radio ad you’ll never have to worry that your advertisement is getting hung up due to bandwidth constraints.
      • The Ability to Reach Drivers – Drivers can’t watch TV or surf the net while they drive (at least they shouldn’t) but millions of them can and do listen to radio.

      Affordable Knoxville SEO Solutions

      If there’s a measure by which Knoxville SEO truly separates itself from TV and radio it’s in price. Keep in mind though that unlike TV and radios ads SEO is not an event, it’s an ongoing process aimed at getting you to the top of search results and then keeping you there.

      •  TV: A 30 second ad buy on a local cable channel can cost as much as $8,000. (And that doesn’t include how much you paid to have the ad produced.) If you want to run it just a dozen times you’re looking at close to $100,000. If you want to place your ad on local broadcast TV you’re looking at 2-5 times as much. Ouch!
      • Radio: A 1 minute radio ad can cost $1,000 dollars but again, you’ll need to pay to produce the ad and you’re going to want to run it as many times as possible with each airing of the ad ticking up the cost.
      • SEO: Most companies whose business has a local or regional scope should be able to handle their SEO requirements with a monthly budget of $250 – $1,500. If your business is national or international in scope you may need to spend several times that. But when you consider what an SEO campaign can do for your company and remember that every time your TV ad plays you may blow your SEO budget for the year you can see how much more cost-effective a good SEO campaign can be.

      The Brave New World of SEO

      Traditional marketing methods like TV and radio ads are steadily losing ground everywhere, including Knoxville. SEO has gained the upper hand for two reasons. First, the TV audience is migrating to the Internet and second, an SEO campaign can bring in high quality customers ready to spend for a fraction of the cost of a TV or radio advertising campaign, (no matter how memorable the commercial may be). Don’t be left holding the marketing bag. Call a Knoxville SEO specialists today and get ready to join the ranks of new media success stories.

      Why should your business use a local Knoxville SEO expert instead of YP or Hibu Thu, 02 Feb 2017 13:42:49 +0000

      Why your business should stay clear of YP or Hibu

      Shop Local: Hire A Knoxville SEO Expert Today

      The Yellow Pages have long been an advertising staple. Their printed directory is still being delivered in some cities, amid much scrutiny about its wastefulness. People still trust their brand for information, even though the way consumers find and sort through information continues to evolve. Hibu is trusted as well, being an extension of a rebranded subsidiary of Yellow Pages. As a new marketing partner of Facebook, Hibu has a clear platform advantage.

      Facebook has proven to be an affordable marketing option for a lot of SMBs. For SEO purposes, thinking micro is the best course of action. Social media and mobile use have completely changed the way that people use SERPs. Ranking algorithms change all the time, so the importance of certain factors in constantly in flux. Aside from the typically high cost of SEO services from Yellow Pages which offers no guarantees with their required contracts, they are behind in the trends of Knoxville SEO. Other SEO companies have taken over SEO clients from YP and found that their pages had little reports and no optimization on landing pages.

      Your local competition could also be a YP client, which would mean that even with great SEO services from YP, if you are outspent, your competitor will get a top spot from YP. Hibu is more advanced than YP in terms of SEO trends, but they also have issues that don’t serve Knoxville small business owners that target on local markets. They do offer on page, off page and social media services. However, thousands of complaints have been registered with the BBB with regards to Hibu’s inability to deliver on their promises and neglectful behavior on accounts.

      There have also been complaints about reciprocal linking (just trading non-editorial links with other sites), which goes against search engine guidelines. Hibu users have also found duplicate domains, resulting from having both a “www” and “non¬www” version of their site, which can be rectified with a simple 301 redirect. The duplicate domains can split ranking power and create more issues with duplicate content. Very simple oversights from an SEO giant that have created complex issues for some SMBs. It should come as no surprise where this is going. Consumers buy local and support local SMBs to get personalized service that supports a local economy. A local Knoxville SEO expert can tailor optimization to your community.

      A local Knoxville SEO expert will not work with your competitors, thus, you don’t have to worry about being outspent and losing top placement to them. Your local SEO expert can truly formulate a winning strategy to help you outperform your competitors by not working with them while generating a Better ROI for your businesses investment toward the future. Someone focused on your local market is going to be better at engaging your local prospects on social media. They will be an extension of your brand in the most organic way.

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