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So what is the first thing anyone looking for a website design in Knoxville, TN? Of course others you have built. Today I would like to start with an old friend of mine from High School and his businesses website. Brad Fortune is the owner of Fortune Homes Inc., one of the best home remodeling contractors in Knoxville, TN, I have ever seen.  I recently ran into Brad at one of my son’s basketball games and he began telling me how he had a website but it was awful and he was paying $125 a month for it, not a bad monthly payment right? Wrong! Like so many other companies out there such as yellow pages, Hibu, and just to name a few, Brad was paying for a Website that he would never own and SEO Services that this company claimed to be doing, however, after running a few reports and checking on his citations which are a big help and ranking factor for companies who need local SEO Services in Knoxville, TN, to no surprise of mine, nothing was being done. Long story short, Brad gave me the pleasure of getting out of this horrible ordeal that was costing him monthly and allowed me to build  Best of all, he would now own the site and only be left with paying for web hosting and his annual domain fee. Our goal and Blue Collar Design is to offer local business in and around Knoxville, TN, and affordable solution to help grow their business. Thanks for visiting us here at Blue Collar Designs and we hope that you will check out our future post where we will be giving you free goodies about how you can better position your business locally or nationally in the vast world of Digital Marketing.

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