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Why your business should stay clear of YP or Hibu

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The Yellow Pages have long been an advertising staple. Their printed directory is still being delivered in some cities, amid much scrutiny about its wastefulness. People still trust their brand for information, even though the way consumers find and sort through information continues to evolve. Hibu is trusted as well, being an extension of a rebranded subsidiary of Yellow Pages. As a new marketing partner of Facebook, Hibu has a clear platform advantage.

Facebook has proven to be an affordable marketing option for a lot of SMBs. For SEO purposes, thinking micro is the best course of action. Social media and mobile use have completely changed the way that people use SERPs. Ranking algorithms change all the time, so the importance of certain factors in constantly in flux. Aside from the typically high cost of SEO services from Yellow Pages which offers no guarantees with their required contracts, they are behind in the trends of Knoxville SEO. Other SEO companies have taken over SEO clients from YP and found that their pages had little reports and no optimization on landing pages.

Your local competition could also be a YP client, which would mean that even with great SEO services from YP, if you are outspent, your competitor will get a top spot from YP. Hibu is more advanced than YP in terms of SEO trends, but they also have issues that don’t serve Knoxville small business owners that target on local markets. They do offer on page, off page and social media services. However, thousands of complaints have been registered with the BBB with regards to Hibu’s inability to deliver on their promises and neglectful behavior on accounts.

There have also been complaints about reciprocal linking (just trading non-editorial links with other sites), which goes against search engine guidelines. Hibu users have also found duplicate domains, resulting from having both a “www” and “non¬www” version of their site, which can be rectified with a simple 301 redirect. The duplicate domains can split ranking power and create more issues with duplicate content. Very simple oversights from an SEO giant that have created complex issues for some SMBs. It should come as no surprise where this is going. Consumers buy local and support local SMBs to get personalized service that supports a local economy. A local Knoxville SEO expert can tailor optimization to your community.

A local Knoxville SEO expert will not work with your competitors, thus, you don’t have to worry about being outspent and losing top placement to them. Your local SEO expert can truly formulate a winning strategy to help you outperform your competitors by not working with them while generating a Better ROI for your businesses investment toward the future. Someone focused on your local market is going to be better at engaging your local prospects on social media. They will be an extension of your brand in the most organic way.

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